I was a freelancer. For about 8 years I avoided as much as I could working for a confined environment. For a large multinational company.

My plan was to start easy. So of course it was a 3D shooter game (bits and pieces still exist on the net – search for Final Strike - The Cyber Menace). After about a year of work with a gang of friends, this lead to nothing (luckily I had my parents supporting me financially at that time).

Well, not quite nothing. The project got me a job at a start-up. We were doing mobile development, for the first ever Windows powered phone – the Orange SPV Classic (running Smartphone 2002). Way before the world had iPhones. The first app I made was nominated Pocket PC Magazine’s “best productivity” tool for the year. Not bad.

But I wanted to be on my own, so I left and started my own business. I did a lot of Windows Mobile, Windows CE development for some European carriers and mobile phone distributors.

The circumstances changed and I was offered a job in the automotive industry. I became a software architect at Continental AG, in their infotainment department. Good fun, more importantly the position put more structure and order in my work process.

A few years went by, and I take a shot at mobile development again. Made a new start-up with a highschool mate, doing casual mobile games. We pitched a demo to an investment fund (Eleven) in Bulgaria, got some funding and were invited to their accelerator in Sofia. Good start-up life, again, burning nights doing what I love most.

As with many start-ups, it didn’t work for long. I got a software engineering job at Masstech Inc. (now acquired by Telestream), managing a few projects, working with .NET (and Worfklow Foundation - the same framework used later by UIPath).

Years later, my career went on a different course. Months before the pandemic I joined Cmed (now part of the Alten Group). Totally new environment, highly regulated business - healthcare. Enjoying it so far :)