Frequent questions and frequent answers

A software consulting agency without a twist

How quick will I get my landing page?

Considering industry standards, we are quick. Usually we deliver a full working website within 14 days. It will always depending on the scope of your project. Bigger projects can take to one month or more.

After your site is ready to deploy we will host your website on Vercel or Cloudflare, you can get the code or simply deploy with Vercel, Cloudflare Pages or Fly.io.

If you need edits afterwards, just subscribe to the Maintenance plan and If you won't need any changes right after publishin, enjoy zero costs for hosting.

Is it there any limited amount of requests I can submit?

Monocube Is unlimited, which means you can submit as many requests you want. We will deliver one by one and prioritise respectively the list in Slack.

Which project management tool are you using?

We use Slack Channels to manage projects, once we get to work you will be added to the your own private workspace.

Do you offer hosting?

Monocube does not offer hosting but, Vercel's all plans include hosting. They host your site on AWS and use advanced features to make sure your site is fast, secure and always up.

What if I am not happy with the deliveries?

Monocube offers a 7-day 100% Money-back-guarantee. This means you have enough time to test out the service and see if we could be a good fit. You can cancel your plan at any time, with the click of a button - no contracts, no surprises.

What tools you use for building websites?

We build websites with Next.js, Astro and Angular.

What if my project has way more complexity than a landing page site?

Contact us for your specific requirements.

What if I only have one request or small multiple ones?

Just subscribe to the Redesign plan and pause when the requests are done. Resubscribe as soon as you have new ones.